The WIP therapeutic team - services in English.

The therapeutic team of the Wrocław Institute of Psychotherapy is a group of specialists with high professional qualifications and extensive clinical experience. We share common assumptions about how to work with the patient. We believe that every human being has hidden resources and talents, but in mental crisis situations, they become difficult to tap into. Their recognition and activation is a key factor in the healing process. We strive to create optimum conditions for this, guaranteeing an atmosphere of security, trust and acceptance. We believe that the orientation of the patient's individual needs and finding solutions to problems reduces the duration of therapy and strengthens his independence. We upgrade our professional qualifications on a regular basis, participating in educational courses and taking part in supervision. We respect the substantive and ethical standards of the Polish Psychiatric and Psychological Association and the European Psychotherapy Association.

The WIP therapeutic team

Roman Ciesielski

Ph.D. (Dr n. Med), is a psychiatrist specializing in child, adolescent and social therapy. He gained his professional experience after over a dozen years in the Department of Child and Youth Psychiatry in Poznań and in the Day Psychiatry Center for Children and Youth in Wrocław. He is a certified psychotherapist and supervisor of the Scientific Section of Psychotherapy of the Polish Psychiatric Association. He is also an Ericksonian hypnotherapist (Zist, Germany), Open Dialogue Therapist (Berlin, Germany), certified psychotherapist and Transcultural Positive Psychotherapy trainer (WAPP, Wiesbaden, Germany). For many years, he has been developing his proprietary model of short-term integrated therapy. He specializes in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders, and disorders resulting from acute and chronic stress and relational crises. He conducts consultations and therapies in English.

Patrycja Badecka

Is a psychologist, certified psychotherapist and trainer of Transcultural Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP, Wiesbaden, Germany). She gained her professional experience at the Crisis Intervention Center and at the Specialist Hospital of the Ministry of Home Affairs in Jelenia Góra. She conducts individual and group psychotherapy for adults. She conducts consultations and therapies in English and Spanish.

Małgorzata Rychlik-Kowalska

Ph.D. (Dr n.hum.), is a psychologist, psychotherapist and physiotherapist. She participates in the certified course of the Psychotherapy Section of the Polish Psychiatric Association and specializes in individual and couples psychotherapy using the Systemic-Ericksonian approach. She conducts consultations and therapies in English.

Aleksandra Zarek

Ph.D. (Dr. n. hum.) in psychology. She is a certified consultant of Transcultural Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP, Wiesbaden, Germany) and is in the process of completing the Master Course training. She is an employee of the Department of Humanistic Medical Sciences of the Medical University of Wroclaw. She works with adults and conducts consultations and therapies in English.